Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed: 3.8% P.A. Returns With S$20 Sign-up Bonus

Want a relatively low-risk way to invest your savings with a fixed return? Syfe’s newest product – Cash+ Guaranteed – is an interesting proposition for funds you are sure you will not touch for the next 3 months.

3.7% 3.8% p.a. with no hoops or requirements

Update: Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed rate is increased to 3.8% p.a. for those locked in from 20th October 2023 onwards.

Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed is offering a fixed 3.7% 3.8% p.a. return for a period of 3 months. You do have to lock up your funds for the 3 months, but there is no other requirement to fulfil. It’s hence a very fuss-free way of putting aside funds that you are pretty sure you have no use for over the next 3 months.

If you are new to Syfe (i.e. no Syfe Trade/Wealth), you even get a S$20 sign-up bonus if you place at least S$10,000. I would count this sign-up bonus as extra returns to the tune of approximately 0.8% p.a. for a placement of S$10,000. That makes this product extra compelling for those who are not existing users of Syfe. Update: refer to sign-up box below for latest promo

The bonus is credited to your Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed portfolio upon maturity after the 3-month lock-in period is over. Sign up latest 30th September 2023 31st December 2023 to qualify, and stay subscribed to the Telegram for further updates on savings promos and other great deals.



For new-to-Syfe clients:

ActivitySyfe TradeSyfe Managed Portfolio
(Income+, REIT+, CORE, Custom)
Cash Management
Register and open account with this link  
First deposit S$2,000S$10 3 months fee waiverN/A
First deposit S$5,000S$204 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver
First deposit S$10,000S$405 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver
First deposit S$50,000S$1006 months fee waiver3 months fee waiver

Syfe Cash Guaranteed+ has no management fees. Fee waiver applies to the other portfolios of Syfe Wealth. Terms and conditions apply.

*As of 21st February 2024.

What exactly is Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed?

There has been a recent trend of roboadvisers and trading apps offering cash management funds with guaranteed rates, and Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed is pretty similar. Cash management funds typically invest in money market funds, with some even going into short-term bonds for potentially higher returns.

Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed, on the other hand, puts funds into fixed deposits from MAS-regulated banks. The company is currently doing so via HSBC.

So, it is technically still an investment product, and investors are exposed to the counterparty risk of the underlying bank that Syfe places the funds with. If HSBC goes belly up, Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed will be… not so guaranteed. Unlike fixed deposit customers, there is almost no protection from Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).

Of course, whether the risk of a major bank going bust in the next 3 months is significant is something you have to decide on your own.


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Having more choices is a great thing, and Syfe Cash+ Guaranteed is another option for those who want instruments to place idle funds in.

It’s not going to replace your UOB One or OCBC 360 accounts, but it could be a great place for excess funds. Personally, I have some funds in StanChart e$aver that would find their way here.

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