Sudden Deal Change: DBS Takashimaya Lowers Spend Requirement, But Also Decreases Existing Cardholders’ Reward

In March earlier this year, DBS was offering S$300 for new and existing DBS cardholders alike for spending S$600 in Takashimya Departmental Store. The deal was slated to end 30th June 2023, but I have just noticed that the terms have now changed and a new deal has replaced the prevailing promo ahead of the original end date.

New promo

There are two main changes to the promo:

  1. The spend requirement is now S$400 instead of S$600, which is good news
  2. Existing cardholders of other DBS/POSB credit cards now get only S$80 cashback instead of the previous S$300

DBS Takashimaya (Amex)

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New or Existing DBS/POSB Cardholders

Must not have cancelled a DBS Takashimaya card in the past 12 months.

  1. Apply online for DBS Takashimaya American Express® Card (no promo code required)
  2. Spend a minimum of S$250 within Takashimaya (Takashimaya Department Store, Takashimaya Online Store and participating specialty stores at Takashimaya Shopping Centre) within first month from Card approval date with your DBS Takashimaya American Express® Card to receive S$150 cashback

See terms and conditions

Until 30th April 2024

After being taken to DBS site, scroll down and look for the Apply Now button in red. Promo code can be left blank for DBS Takashimaya Card

While most terms and conditions are worded in a way that allows for the bank to change terms and conditions anytime they wish, it is still a little unfortunate the bank didn’t wait until 1st July 2023 to introduce a new promo.


🔥 Final day for S$200 welcome offer for Amex True Cashback; becomes S$150 from 22nd April onwards

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Terms and conditions updated on 23rd May

The new terms and conditions document carries a label that it was updated on 23rd May 2023, more than a month before the previous promo was scheduled to end. If you applied on 23rd May 2023 and after, you can safely presume you are on the new set of terms and conditions.

As a new cardholder, a reduced spending requirement is nothing but good news for you.

If you sign up as an existing cardholder of other DBS/POSB credit cards, the rewards aren’t as good as before, although the lowered spending requirement should provide some respite.

If you recently applied for the card, it might also be worth clarifying with DBS’s customer service exactly which set of terms and conditions your card is under. You might not want to spend S$600 if your spend requirement is just S$400, or worse, spend only S$400 when you needed S$600 to qualify for the reward.

I’ll upload both sets of terms and conditions to the Telegram, and stay subscribed for more updates and deals.

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