Singtel Prepping iPhone Launch on 20th Sept

The launch date for this year’s iPhone is all but confirmed for 10th September, and based on more than 5 years of tradition, the new phones will go on sale the following Friday, or 20th September.

I found job listings for what seems to be Singtel’s launch event for the 20th next month.

Not much of a surprise, I guess, but it’s good for people who need to plan work obligations in advance for that day. Like me.

Cards to use for buying a new iPhone

If you’re buying an iPhone without contract from the Apple Store or other electronics retailers, you’d want to use OCBC Titanium Rewards which gives 4 mpd. Do take note that OCBC has repeatedly stated that they do not give 4 mpd for iPhones bought from telcos like Singtel.

One way to still get 4 mpd when buying from telcos is to get them through the telco’s online website and use a card like Citi Rewards or DBS Woman’s World Card.

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