Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes January 2024 – Long List of Destinations

Spontaneous Escapes for January 2024 is announced! A monthly affair, Spontaneous Escapes promo lets you redeem Singapore Airline flights with your KrisFlyer miles at a discount that is usually 30%. To get the discounted rate, you have to book before end of December 2023 for travel within January 2024.

Interesting redemptions

There are many interesting redemptions up for grabs and those that stand out to me would be:

  • To/from Bangkok/Phuket in Economy (9,450 miles each way)
  • To/from Hong Kong in Economy/Business (11,550/23,800 miles each way)
  • To/from Shanghai/Beijing in Economy/Business (15,050/30,100 miles each way)
  • To/from Malé in Economy/Business (14,000/30,1000 miles each way)
  • To/from Johannesburg in Business (39,550 miles each way)
  • To/from Rome in Business (72,450 miles each way)

The discounted redemptions are subject to availability and blackout periods/ Search for available flights under “Promo” on Singapore Airlines’ website to see availability. Note that the usual taxes still apply without discount.

It is a pity that I already have travel plans in January because the various destinations look really attractive.

Top of my picks would be the further away destinations like Johannesburg is a 10-hour journey and paying under 40,000 miles for a business class flight is a steal. It’s perhaps no surprise I can’t find availability for this anymore on the website.

Rome is also a great long-distance flight up for a discounted redemption and there is still availability as I write this.

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Calculating the price of each flight

To know how good a deal these redemptions are, I like to calculate the price of each flight with:

Acquisition cost per mile + Taxes = Price of Flight

When you opt to use a miles card in place of a cashback card, you incur opportunity cost of the cashback rate that you did not use. For instance, if you used a 4 miles per dollar card instead of a 5% cashback card, your cost per mile is technically 1.25 cents each. See more details here.

You can also buy miles directly with services like Citi PayAll, CardUp and ipaymy.

1.25 cents is roughly the value I use per mile, and one can thus derive the price of this return ticket to Rome in business class: 144,900 miles × 1.25 cents + S$117.20 = S$1,928.45

You can of course repeat this to any of the destinations you are interested in (even outside of Spontaneous Escapes).

Travelling in January?

Booking flights with a Spontaneous Escapes discount is a really great way to stretch your miles and I’ve personally been on a total of 3 such trips in 2023 alone. Stay subscribed for details of my trips and some tips on how to take advantage of promos like Spontaneous Escapes.

You can view the full list of redemptions here.

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