Singapore Air Spontaneous Escapes July 2022: Last One Before Devaluation

Spontaneous Escapes for July is out, and as usual there is a 30% discount off mile redemptions for bookings that are confirmed before the end of this month for July travel. Predictably but a bummer nonetheless, there are blackout periods around the Hari Raya Haji long weekend for the more popular nearby destinations.

This is also the last Spontaneous Escapes before the devaluation coming on 5th July.

Notable redemptions and my valuation

Last month I priced the various redemptions – a rather unique take I don’t think other miles & travel blogs are doing. Hopefully it provides guidance on how to more effectively use your miles, and perhaps helpful for those who have been considering getting into the miles game.

As usual, I will assume a 5% opportunity cost when we use 4 miles per dollar cards to earn our miles. Each mile thus costs 1.25 cents. A flight that costs 100,000 miles and $100 tax will therefore be $1,250 + $100 = $1,350 in total costs.

This month, interesting redemptions include New York which is available in Premium Economy:

DestinationMilesTax PayableCost of Flight
Singapore-New York Round Trip in Premium Economy102,200$83.80$1,277.5 + $83.80
= $1,361.30

A great deal, as far as I can tell, since economy flights to New York in July seem to cost almost $2,000 on other airlines on non-direct flights (according to Skyscanner at least).

Unfortunately I will be starting work next month and I have a probation period to serve, so no annual leave or US trip for me 🥲

DestinationMilesTax PayableCost of Flight
Singapore-Sydney Round Trip in Economy39,200$173.10$490 + $173.10
= $663.10

There are a few Australian destinations this time round, but availability seem quite scarce and I can only book successfully for Sydney. Skyscanner shows Scoot flights going for $536, so I don’t think $663.10 for a full service flight via Singapore Air is bad deal at all.

View the full list of destinations here.

Make miles cheaper

You can make miles cheaper with promos that happen from time to time. Current promos include Citi PayAll which lowers your cost of mile acquisition to just 0.8 cents per mile. This dramatically improves the value you can get from miles, and also why I tend to advise people not to stick to just cashback cards even if they aren’t into business class flights.

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