Great Savings Deal: S$250 Cash or AirPods Pro With Bonus$aver Account

One of the most popular deals this year is back: open Bonus$aver as a new-to-product customer and save S$50,000 until the end of the following month to receive great rewards! This time, choose between S$250 cash or a Dyson AM07 Tower Fan which retails for S$499.

Update 01/12/2021: changed to choice between AirPods Pro worth $379 or S$250 cash! Until 17th January 2022

Standard Chartered Bonus$aver


Until 31st August 2024 (promo by StanChart)

A new-to-Bonus$aver customer is defined as someone who must not have had a previous Bonus$aver Account and/or Bonus$aver Credit Card account suspended, cancelled or terminated in the last 12 months. Other StanChart cards/accounts do not affect your eligibility for Bonus$aver promo.


Don’t have a StanChart Credit Card yet? Make sure you sign up for a StanChart Credit Card first to enjoy the credit promo, then sign up for Bonus$aver to enjoy both promos. The order matters!

Sign up for Bonus$aver Account + Bonus$aver Credit Card as a new-to-product customer (use code 59642 if required)Get S$30 referral reward for using this link
Tap here to fill up Google FormTo monitor and keep track of referral + 1 credit towards any existing finhack
Deposit and maintain minimum S$50,000 of fresh funds until the end of following month (i.e. 30th June 2024 if account is opened in May 2024)S$68 cashback¹
Credit a minimum of S$3,000 monthly salary into your Bonus$aver account within 2 monthsS$100 cashback¹
Optional: be first 1,500 each month to commit S$10,000, S$50,000, or S$100,000 fundsS$10,000: S$50 cashback²

S$50,000: S$200 cashback²

S$100,000: S$500 cashback²

These are for reference only. Please refer to terms and conditions:

  1. Bonus$aver sign-up promo
  2. Save Up Level Up Promo

Thoughts and analysis

Placed in a hypothetical 3% p.a. account for a month, S$50,000 yields about S$125 of interest, so receiving S$250 cash by placing S$50,000 for a little over a month till 31st December 2021 is indeed a very good deal! With interest rates the way they are these days, this is an attractive deal for those with spare funds available.

That would be reason enough to take advantage of this promotion, but if you are a new to Standard Chartered customer for savings/current accounts, the deal is even sweeter: you get a bonus 1% p.a. interest rate for as long as you maintain the minimum deposit of S$50,000 in average daily balance per month. This bonus rate is on the first S$200,000 of savings placed in your Bonus$aver account.

The account itself isn’t anything too extraordinary, and it awards you bonus interest on top of the paltry 0.01% p.a. prevailing base interest. Par for course with many bank accounts that offer higher interest, the Bonus$aver gives more interest when you perform certain activities:

ActivityBonus Interest
Spend $500 / Spend ≥ S$2,0000.21% / 0.41% p.a.
Salary credit of ≥ S$3,0000.10% p.a.
Purchase eligible insurance products0.90% p.a.
Purchase eligible investment products0.90% p.a.
≥ 3 bill payments0.07% p.a.

I would personally think hard before buying any investment/insurance product from a bank just to get more interest.

Take note that there is an early closure fee of S$30 if account is closed within 6 months of account opening. There is also a fall-below fee of S$5 if the average daily balance falls below $3,000 for a particular month.

From experience, I have accounts from various banks that idle at $0 without any fee ever being deducted, so make what you will of that information.

Image: Standard Chartered
People in the photo: probably looking at the base interest

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