Got PayLah? Get Cashback Just by Transferring Money to Your Friends!

Update 21/09/2020: Google has upsized the sign-up reward to $5!

Google Pay has added PayLah, and this means a much greater number of people can now use Google Pay compared to before where it was only available for people with OCBC bank accounts.


  1. Download Google Pay here
  2. Go to Settings and turn on Rewards and Offers
  3. Make a payment of at least $10 to a friend (doesn’t need to be on Google Now) and link your PayLah
  4. Get $5 upon completion of the transfer

Somehow don’t have PayLah? Download and use code SETDRK854 for $3 upon sign up!

1. Get cashback from transferring money to your friends

When you make a Google Pay transfer of $10 or more to one of your friends who also has Google Pay, you get a scratch card that is worth up to $15! This can be done twice in a week, and you can do it weekly until the end of October.

Getting cashback on paying your friend back for dinner is about as free as money can get.

2. Get money for referring your friends

Now that Google Pay has added DBS PayLah, a lot more people are eligible to be referred, and you get $5 for every friend who downloads the app using your referral code. They too get $3 $5, and you can now transfer money to each other for cashback scratch cards.

3. Get added cashback for in-store purchases

You can also make in-store purchases of at least $3 or more with Google Pay and get up to 2 scratch cards worth up to $10 each. This is on top of whatever rewards your card gives you!

4. Food orders and movie tickets without booking fees

This is actually my favourite part of the app: I can order food without booking fees for self pick-up, and movie tickets without convenience fees. I’m not sure how long this lasts, or if it’s for every food establishment listed, but Burger King’s full menu is on this with zero added fees, and I think every place should do this if I’m going there to pick up my own order.

Get $3 $5 to sign up, then refer your friends!

Download Google Pay here and make sure you press Yes when they ask you whether you want rewards and offers so you can get $3 $5 when you make your first $10 transaction. Also, remember to refer your friends! While it was really difficult to find people with OCBC accounts before, the moment I realised DBS PayLah was added, I messaged 5 friends about it and successfully referred all of them for an easy $25. I’m going to have a nice dinner this weekend 🤤

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