Making Money Online – How I Earn Through Blogging

I started getting serious about blogging in since the start of 2020, and here are the ways I’ve been making money online!


Advertising can be split into two categories: Google Adsense, and sold ad space.

Google Adsense is open to websites of all sizes, although they do require some content before they would approve you. I applied multiple times in 2019, and only got approved on the 3rd (or 4th; can’t really recall) attempt. It was at the start of 2020, so a great way to kickstart a new year of writing.

It didn’t earn me much money, but it did make me more motivated to write. I didn’t set out to earn money through my website, but it was great that there was some money to earn from doing this, regardless how small the amount was.

Over the past year or so I’ve cut down on the number of ads as they can be quite annoying. I removed full-screen ones, and those that stick to the browser window. Now you should see at most 2-3 ads per page. They don’t really earn much anyway, so I don’t see a point in plastering ads all over especially if it affects the readability of this website.

This year, my site has a bit more traffic and I got enquiries on the ad space on my website. I have sold some banner ads. Companies pay me a sum of money per month, and I put up their graphic and link on my site. Nice, don’t even need to write content.

Affiliate and referral Programmes

Referral programmes allow people to refer their friends and family to sign up for stuff and they can earn a small incentive from it. The finance niche has quite a lot these: get your friend to sign up for some wallet app and you get a few dollars. Pretty neat, especially if you can refer many friends.

Affiliate programmes are not usually opened to the public, and one usually needs to enter into an agreement with companies to receive a fee for marketing their products. Otherwise, it works pretty similarly to referral programmes, and the more people you can get people to sign up, the more income you can get from this.

Most companies are generally okay with having more affiliate partners since they pay based on performance, although I find that some companies are a bit more choosy.

Small content creators like myself may not have the most subscribers or readers, but if one can convince and convert them well, there is still some money to be made from this. Support my site and get a great deal for yourself here 😀

Sponsored posts

Lately, I have been getting a few enquiries for sponsored posts and I have done some that I felt was relevant to my readers. To be honest, I’m not that much a fan of sponsored posts since there is a financial incentive to write good stuff about a product if it is a paid review. Thus, I am more selective of sponsored posts, and I prefer affiliate/referral posts more.

Watch my YouTube video for more of my thoughts on sponsored posts.

It is also possible to earn a bit of money even for smaller content creators. My cat’s instagram managed to earn $30 for a post which isn’t too shabby.

Commissioned work, subscriptions, and other avenues

Making money online is quite an open-ended thing and there is virtually limitless ways of monetisation. You can do commissioned work for others, such as selling your services on fiverr. You can also get people to support your work by paying a subscription fee through services like onlyfans Patreon (treat me to bubble tea if you want at my Patreon 😀 ).

The fun thing about it is that there is so many ways to explore, and I certainly look forward to trying out more avenues in future.

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