Live Podcast: Making Cents – Episode 1 and Episode 2!

I am pleased to announce a new podcast named Making Cents which will delve into personal finance to clarify and explain things that’d better our financial knowledge.

The podcast will be held live, and audience can post their questions in real time. Heard of Clubhouse? It’s just like that, except within Telegram so there is no additional app to download.

Just subscribe to our Telegram channel, and look out for the first two episodes at the following timings:

  1. Episode 1: Chatting with Planner Bee
    Date: 11th April 2021 (Sunday)
    Time: 5PM
    We talk to the founder of Planner Bee and how this nifty app can help us manage our finances better.
  2. Episode 2: Chatting with Syfe
    Date: 14th April 2021 (Wednesday)
    Time: 7PM
    We chat with Syfe to make sense of Syfe’s investment offerings, specifically their new Syfe Core portfolios, as well as Syfe REIT+.

Join us for an evening or two if you are interested in the topics!

If you have any questions (or any suggestions for future topics/speakers) do let us know in the comments below or in our Telegram channel.

To reach out for potential collaboration, please email

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