Limited Deal: Dyson Cyclone V10™ Fluffy for 29,938 Travel$, $25 for $30 FairPrice Voucher and More

Got Travel$ on your OCBC 90°N card? Get Dyson Cyclone V10™ Fluffy Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner for only 29,938 Travel$, which is the equivalent of 29,938 miles! This deal sold out quickly the last time, and with 350 redemptions this time, I don’t think it’d last.

Also, there’s another pretty decent deal – $25 for $30 NTUC FairPrice voucher or 1,533 Travel$. On top of your card rewards, this is a pretty decent deal.

Head over StackRewards to get these deals!

These deals price your Travel$ at around 1.6 to 2 cents per point, which means you can “liquidate” your miles for essentially cashback. Eg $30 ÷ 1553 points = 1.93 points.

Even buying the NTUC FairPrice for cash makes sense since you get $5 off $30 which is a 16.7% discount, and you probably still earn card rewards for the purchase.

Take note that the deals are significantly less attractive if you are using OCBC$ for redemption.

There are also other deals that may be worth looking at, depending on your interests and usage.

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