Great Deal: Get S$60 or S$120 eCapitaVouchers With Citi PayAll


There’s another Citi PayAll promo in town, it is a flash deal until 28th February 2023. This time, get up to S$120 of eCapitaVouchers if you use Citi PayAll to pay for bills! As usual, PayAll promos tend to be good opportunities to buy miles at a discount, but this promo also allows those who are not that fond of miles to get eCapitaVouchers for cheap too.

You would obviously need a Citi card to use Citi PayAll, so tap here to check out some great sign-up gifts.

Promo details

The promo has two tiers as follows:

Total Citi PayAll Qualifying Spend on ONE of the Eligible CardsGift
S$4,000 to S$7,999S$60 eCapitaVouchers
S$8,000 and aboveS$120 eCapitaVouchers

The Citi credit cards eligible for this promo are:

Payments need to be set up before 28th February 2023 11.59PM, and the card must be charged on or before 6th March 2023 11.59PM. While Citi PayAll has a no-fee option, you have to use the fee-paying option to qualify for this promo.

Take note that the eligible spend amount has to be on a single card, and they do not total up spend across the eligible cards for the gift. E.g. if you spent S$5,000 on your Citi PremierMiles card and S$3,000 on your Citi Rewards card, you have reached S$8,000 of total spend but will only qualify for S$60 eCapitaVouchers due to the S$5,000 spend on your Citi PremierMiles card.

There is also maximum of one gift per cardholder for this promo, and it will be sent via SMS/email within 16 weeks from the end of the promo.


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For miles people

As mentioned, Citi PayAll promos are good times to buy miles at a discount, and this promo is indeed a great chance for discounted miles as the 2% service fee is heavily discounted by the promo. Of course, it’s not a cash discount off the service fee, but eCapitaVouchers should be plenty useful for almost everyone.

CardEarn RateMiles Earned on S$8,000 PaymentEffective Fee Paid on S$8,000 PaymentCost Per Mile
Citi Ultima1.6 miles per dollar12,800 milesS$160 – S$120 = S$400.3125 cents
Citi Prestige1.3 miles per dollar10,400 milesS$160 – S$120 = S$400.385 cents
Citi PremierMiles1.2 miles per dollar9,600 milesS$160 – S$120 = S$400.417 cents
Citi Rewards0.4 miles per dollar3,200 milesS$160 – S$120 = S$401.25 cents

If you use the Citi PremierMiles, you will essentially be paying S$160 in service fees for 9,600 miles and getting S$120 eCapitaVouchers back, making your effective outlay S$40 for 9,600 miles. (To be nitpicky, you can also discount the value of S$120 eCapitaVouchers by 10% to S$108, and you’re still paying only S$52 for 9,600 miles which is an excellent deal.)

Needless to say, you would want to use a Citi card with an earn rate of at least 1.2 miles per dollar to take advantage of this promo. Citi Prestige cardholders, as usual, get the PayAll spending counted towards getting free limo rides.

For cashback people

Interestingly, this promo is pretty good for people who aren’t that much into miles too. Citi’s cashback cards work too, and there is compelling reason to consider doing this.

CardEarn RateCashback Earned on S$8,000 PaymentFee Paid on S$8,000 PaymentEffective Amount Paid for S$120 eCapitaVoucher
Citi Cash Back+1.6%S$128S$160S$32
Citi Cash Back0.3%S$24S$160S$136
(yes this doesn’t make sense)

As the base earn rate of Citi Cash Back is too low to offset the service fee, only the Citi Cash Back+ makes sense to be used for this promo.

Do note that cashback has to be redeemed in blocks of S$10, and so you might be left with S$8 of cashback until you can accumulate another S$2 of cashback from the card. It might not be an issue if you use Citi Cash Back+ regularly (but at 1.6% cashback why would you?), but could be an annoyance if you are only using the card for this promo. Perhaps consider making a S$8,125 spend instead so that you can redeem a round S$130 of cashback from the card.

How to make Citi PayAll payments?

If you are new to the service, you can find Citi PayAll in your Citi Mobile App → Payments Tab → Citi PayAll.

Citi PayAll lets you pay for a variety of things including income tax, insurance, and a whole bunch of other bills. There is even a Miscellaneous category and enterprising individuals have found that you can pay to anyone as long as you know their bank account. There is also no invoice or supporting documents required for payments.

There is a 2% service fee to be paid, but you get card rewards in return.

Do take note of the promo’s terms and conditions, as well as Citi PayAll’s terms and conditions before making your payment.

H/T: Milelion

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