1st to 10th April: Free AirPods Pro – Be First 100 Each Day to Successfully Apply for StanChart Cards

Totally not an April’s Fools Joke: StanChart is really ramping up its efforts to get its credit cards into more people’s hands. AirPods Pro is truly one of my favourite Apple gadgets in recent years, and it’s yours for free, if you can meet the following requirements.

How to qualify

You need to be a new Standard Chartered principal cardholder. In other words, you must not have any existing or previously cancelled credit cards in the last 12 months. (Existing cardholders get $30.)

There are 1,000 AirPods Pros to be given over the next 10 days, from 1st to 10th April. At 9AM every morning, the first 100 people to successfully complete the Rewards Redemption Form with a valid application reference number will secure the AirPods Pro worth $379.

No minimum spending required, and the first-year annual fee is waived!

Some tips to better your chances

Please read the guide I have created here so that you have a better shot at being the first 100. These things are going to fly, so you better practise. I would suggest trying out with another bank’s application first (Citi Cash Back+ $250 promo is extended until 12th April; $30 for existing cardholders).

Also, please make sure you are able to sign in to your SingPass as using MyInfo will be much faster.

Even if you’re not within the first 100 each day, you’d still walk away with $200 cash via PayNow. Not too shabby at all for a participating prize.

Apply Here

Game theory

Now, I suppose there’s some game theory at play here. Would everyone rush for it on the first day? If you’re reading this now on before 9AM on 1st April, I suspect you have a good chance of having less competition on the first day since this wouldn’t be well publicised yet.

Update 1st April: missed today? Try again at 9AM tomorrow!

I suspect the second and third day wouldn’t be too bad as well, but news might start travelling around and the subsequent days might prove a bit tougher.

Or would some people choose to wait it out and compete on the last few days? Hmmm, interesting.

Since you’d get $200 at worst, maybe you needn’t think too deep about this. But I still wish Sethisfy.com readers the best of luck, and promise me you’d let me know if you’re one of the lucky 1,000 people to walk away with AirPods Pro. May the odds be in your favour my friends!

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