Extended Deal: Get Cashback to PayNow Your Friends With Google Pay

Google has extended the promotion for you to get cashback from making PayNow transfers to your friends!

This time, there are a total of 4 scratch cards to earn each week, and each card can potentially win up to $15. Here’s how it works:

Get an easy $5 for signing up

  1. Use your phone and tap here to get the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions;
  2. Make a payment of at least $10 via the app

Make sure that you accept Offers and Rewards when prompted. You can check by: Tapping your profile picture → Settings → Offers and rewards → Opt in (toggled on)

The payment in Step 2 can be for pickup orders you pay in the app via credit card (I use it for my neighbourhood’s Burger King, and it’s extremely convenient with no additional charges), in-store Tap & Pay (only for supported Android devices), or even just making a PayNow transfer to your friend.

For pickup orders and Tap & Pay, you can use any credit card you may have. For PayNow transfers, you currently have to have an OCBC account to make outgoing payments via Google Pay, but DBS and StanChart are slated to join.

Earn cashback by transferring money to your friends! Get $5 to start.

Get 4 scratch cards worth up to $15 each week until 31st Oct

Each week, you can get 2 scratch cards worth up to $15 each for just making 2 PayNow transfers of at least $10 to 2 different friends who are using Google Pay. You can repeat the process with the same 2 friends weekly, and each week starts on Mondays at 8.30AM.

On top of that, you can also get another 2 scratch cards worth up to $10 each for making 2 in-store payments of at least $3 via Tap & Pay (Android only, excluding transit payments), or by QR code using Google Pay. Unfortunately, I’ve tried with merchant’s PayNow QR codes and that doesn’t seem to work, and I suspect merchants need to opt in to Google Pay’s merchant QR code in order to receive payments via Google Pay.

Refer your friends and get $5 each

You can refer your friends and both of you will get $5 after they make their first transaction of at least $10. You need them to be onboard to earn your scratch cards anyway, so refer away!

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