Excellent Deal: Get $150 Cashback with DBS Takashimaya Card, Even for Existing DBS Cardholders!!

Here’s a really great deal: get $150 cashback with a minimum spend of $350 per month (except for Takashimaya transactions) for 2 months when you apply for a DBS Takashimaya American Express® Card!

With HSBC, StanChart, and Citi offering anywhere between $280 to $350, what makes $150 cashback an excellent deal? Unlike those offers which are only for new-to-bank customers, this is open even for existing DBS cardholders!

Spend on practically anything… excluding Takashimaya transactions

The spending can be made anywhere except Takashimaya’s online and physical departmental store. To be clear, you can spend it on your everyday expenses, be it your taxi rides, food deliveries… even shopping at rival departmental stores as long as it’s not in Takashimaya.

This is a little strange and very different from previous times this promo ran. I can’t say I get the logic of this sign-up promo, but this is infinitely more useful for many people who don’t normally shop at Takashimaya.

DBS Takashimaya (Amex)

🔥 👍🏼

New to DBS Takashimaya cards (existing cardholders of other DBS/POSB cards qualify too!)

$150 cashback with a minimum spend of $250 excluding Takashimaya Departmental Store.

See terms and conditions

Until 28th February 2023

After being taken to DBS site, scroll down and look for the Apply Now button in red. Promo code can be left blank for DBS Takashimaya Card


The exclusions are brief:

  • Takashimaya Department Store
  • Takashimaya Department Store Online Store
  • Interest, finance charges, cash withdrawal, smart cash, instalment payment plans, my preferred payment plans, balance transfer, fund transfer, refunds, cash advances, annual fees, interest, late payment charges, all fees charged by DBS, miscellaneous charges imposed by DBS (unless otherwise stated in writing by DBS)
  • Any other transaction effected via any medium or channel, electronic or otherwise, which transaction, medium or channel DBS Bank may in its sole and absolute discretion choose to disallow

The last point is a catch-all statement which is a little vague, so I probably wouldn’t be spending the $350 on usual exclusions like Grab top-ups. If you have any funny, weird, or strange transactions you’re unsure would qualify, do call up the DBS hotline. My experience with them has been quite pleasant as the customer service reps are generally knowledgeable about the promos that are running (apparently something very rare when it comes to bank support hotlines), and follow up promptly to resolve issues.


This promo is an excellent deal particularly for existing DBS cardholders. The previous time DBS had a promo for its Takashimaya card, it was restricted only to Takashimaya which posed a challenge for many who wondered what to buy at the departmental store. No such issues this time, and if you’ve sat out the previous couple of promos because you have nothing to buy at Takashimaya, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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