Easy Deal: Get $35 With Singlife Account and Grow

Singlife is offering up to $35 when you sign up for Singlife Account and Singlife Grow! It’s a pretty sweet deal, and it takes very little effort. If you already have a Singlife Account, you still qualify for the Singlife Grow reward as long as you have never applied for Grow portfolio before. Remember to use the code for the gift!

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Promo details

If you don’t have a Singlife Account:

Sign up for a Singlife Account with code vxRcK4uN
Order and activate Singlife Visa Debit Card$5

After you sign up for Singlife Account:

Apply for first Singlife Grow Policy with code vxRcK4uN
Fund the first Singlife Grow Policy (minimum $1,000)$30
Additional 0.5% p.a. on Singlife Account

See terms and conditions here.

There isn’t a lock-in period for your funds, and you can withdraw anytime without penalty.

On top of the sign-up gift, you also get 0.5% p.a. additional returns for your Singlife Account when you set up your Grow portfolio which is a nice cherry on top of the sign-up bonus. This gives you 1.5% p.a. on your Singlife Account for the first $10,000.

Remember to input the code vxRcK4uN! There is a skip button and I wonder if it skips the promo code field, but it’d be best not to find out. Make sure you scroll to the last page to input the code. Do not press Skip!

No Singlife Account: Sign up with code vxRcK4uN activate your Singlife Visa Debit Card to receive $5. Start and fund Singlife Grow portfolio to receive $30.

Existing Singlife Account: Start and fund Singlife Grow portfolio to receive $30. Make sure not to press Skip when you first start the portfolio so you can enter the code vxRcK4uN

Fund your Singlife Account with Amex True Cashback and UOB Absolute Cashback for added cashback.

What is Singlife Grow?

Singlife Grow is an investment-linked policy (ILP) that lets invest in a fuss-free manner.

Before you take out your pitchforks and torches, I have definitely said before that investment-linked policies are a bad idea, but they can be designed to be reasonable products:

ILPs aren’t necessarily bad because they are ILPs, but the ones in the market now have unreasonable fee structures. I have always thought – and hoped – that a more reasonably priced ILP would be launched; something that charged distribution costs only on the cost of coverage, and sales charge rightfully on just the invested amounts.

Singlife Grow is primarily an investment ILP with very minimal insurance, and does not have the downsides of regular-premium ILP I was criticising. You don’t have to pay high upfront commissions nor high assurance charges, and no lock-in period for your funds.

Singlife Grow is more in the same space as something like Syfe’s investment portfolios, although Singlife is an insurer and have opted to release such a product as an ILP.


I plopped in $10,000 just to try out the product, and I welcome a free $30 dinner. Expect to see a review soon and subscribe to my Telegram for it.

In any case, there is no lock-in period for either Singlife Account or Singlife Grow, and you get $35… you do the Math.

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4 thoughts on “Easy Deal: Get $35 With Singlife Account and Grow

  1. Hi Seth, as an existing Singlife account holder, do I still get the $30 reward for starting my first Singlife Grow Policy? Would love to use your referral code, but just checking, does your referral code still work after the merger between Singlife and Aviva? Read on some forums that certain bloggers’ referral codes had been deemed invalid by Singlife.

    1. Yes it should still work. I got a referral show up a few days ago so I don’t think anything has happened. But I will check with Singlife just to be sure.

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