Hot Deal: moomoo is Back With Free Shares!

Futu SG’s popular moomoo trading app is back with its usual generous deal!


Until 9.59PM 1st April 2024

30 days 3 hours 45 minutes 57 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this linkTo qualify for the below rewards
Deposit ≥S$100 and perform 1 buy trade^Bonus S$20 for using my link (S$2 daily for 10 days)
Subscribe to Moomoo Cash Plus6.8% p.a. return on up to S$60,000 subscription
Deposit ≥S$3,000 and perform 3 buy trades^
Maintain assets for 30 days
Receive 1 x Stock Bundle: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth ~S$70)
Deposit ≥S$10,000 and perform 8 buy trades^
Maintain assets for 90 days
Receive 3 x Stock Bundle#: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth ~S$210)
Deposit S$100,000
Maintain assets for 90 days
Receive 1 × AAPL stock (worth ~S$260)
Stack the rewards: deposit S$100,000, perform 8 buy trades^, and subscribe to Moomoo Cash PlusGet all the above rewards!
For reference only; see full terms and conditions
*Commission-free trading involves other fees
^Buy trades include Moomoo Cash Plus!

Invest in U.S. Stocks, ADRs, and ETFs at S$0* commission forever (SG residents trading in US markets)! Last updated 31st January 2024

moomoo powered by FUTU has been one of this site’s most popular promos, and it’s pretty obvious why. For such a generous sign-up gift, the requirements are pretty straightforward and easy to meet.

Some great features

As far as trading apps go, moomoo app is one of the more well-designed platforms I have used. As with most trading apps, there is a slight learning curve to using the app, but the UI and layouts are neat and easy to figure out.

Aside from using it as a trading app, I also like the app for some of its other features:

Discussion comments, news, and analyses all within ONE app

When you select a stock, you are to see a trove of information when you press on the News and Analyses tabs to research on your next stock pick. On top of that, you are even able to read and participate in discussion in the Comments tab, and count on the kindness of strangers to answer questions you may have about a stock pick, or see their hot take on the stock you are interested in.


If you’re new to investing, this is an excellent feature for you. Within the moomoo app, there is a wide range of courses that you should definitely check out if you want to learn more about investing in stocks, options, and funds.

You can even turn on audio transcription and listen to the courses with your phone screen turned off, and for people like myself who prefer to listen to informative content like podcast over music, this is an invaluable feature.

Rewards Club

moomoo also includes whimsical stuff like letting you redeem points for things like cute merchandise. It doesn’t take too much effort to earn points especially if you complete the various challenges found in the app that takes very little time.

I have over 8,000 points now and cannot decide if I should redeem the cap, wait for the cow-shion to come back into stock, or get the neck-fix & chill pillow simply because of the name. NECK-FIX AND CHILL! 😭


As a trading app, moomoo has a lot to like and offer. Seasoned investors would appreciate the commission-free trading* as well as convenient access to news and analyses. Beginners new to investing will find the courses useful and appreciate that moomoo makes investing more approachable and fun.

And of course, everyone would definitely love free shares.

*Note that other fees apply

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