CardUp Lunar New Year Promo – Get More Cashback and Miles For Cheap/Free

It’s Chinese New Year soon and the CNY promos keep coming. This time, CardUp is offering a discounted 1.8% fee for its payment service, and this is an opportunity to earn more cashback and miles. This works even if you are an existing CardUp user! New users also get an upsized welcome deal for trying out CardUp, and you can read all about it below.

What is CardUp?

For the uninitiated, CardUp is a payment service that allows you to pay for things that normally do not offer credit card payment, or give card rewards even if they do accept cards. Popular use cases include insurance, school fees, and even your mortgage.

You pay a service fee, and in return you earn card rewards with the right cards. As long as your rewards are greater than the service fee, you earn the difference!

Promo details

New usersExisting users
Tap here and use code SETHISFY for S$30 off fee for first payment from now until 28th February 2023. Essentially free for amounts up to S$1,153.84!

Get another bonus of 0.88% discounted fee on your next payment
Use code ANGBAO18 for discounted fee of 1.8%Use code ANGBAO18 for discounted fee of 1.8%

For existing users, the ANGBAO18 code works for payments scheduled by 28th February 2023 with due dates latest 3rd March 2023. You have to be the first 200 to use this code, and CardUp’s website will let you know whether it is fully redeemed when you apply the code. See terms and conditions here.

For new users, getting S$30 off CardUp’s usual 2.6% fee means you can make a payment of up to S$1,153.84 without any charge at all. That means you can get free miles or cashback on this amount with your favourite credit card!

For a limited time, you even get another code for a discounted 0.88% fee the following month. Just make sure your first payment is done before 28th February 2023.

Cards to use

Bank of China Family3% (capped at S$25)Minimum spend of S$800
OCBC FRANK8% (capped at S$25)Minimum spend of S$800 (max effective 3.125% if all S$800 spent on CardUp)
Maybank Platinum Visa3.33% S$300 per month for three months for S$30 cashback, or
S$1,000 per month for three months for S$100 cashback
Standard Chartered MANHATTAN3%Minimum spend of 3%. Capped at S$200. This card is no longer available for new applicants
Most 1.2 to 1.6 miles per dollar cards1.2 to 1.6 miles per dollarUse mile cards to buy miles with CardUp.

Analysis of promo

For new users, this is a no-brainer thing to do as it is quite literally free miles or cashback for your first transaction. Your next transaction is much cheaper with the 0.88% code which is yet another chance to earn cashback or get cheap miles. CardUp is straightforward to use, and it is painless to set up a payment. Choosing which card to use is possibly the most time you’d spend on this endeavour.

Existing users who have been racking up cashback and miles with CardUp would no doubt find this a great way to add on more rewards at a lower fee.

Opportunity to buy miles

With a lowered service fee, you can also consider buying miles using this code. At 1.8% fee, a 1.4 miles per dollar card essentially gets you miles at 1.29 cents each (actually closer to 1.26 because the fee you pay also earns miles). It’s not the cheapest, particularly since Citi PayAll has a 1.11 promo until end of 31st January, but with CardUp you are not limited to Citibank credit cards.

If you buy enough miles at 1.29 cents (104,000 miles, to be specific), you are essentially buying a return ticket to Japan or Korea in Singapore Air’s business class for around S$1,341 (exclusive of some tax). Not everyone would pay this fare for a nice flight, of course, but if you’re someone who would, this promo is for you.

ipaymy is an alternative

You can also consider ipaymy which works similarly, and it too has a new user sign-up promo:


New user, use this first: sign up and use code SETHISFY Get S$30 off transaction fee ¹

(Free miles/cashback for a payment of about S$1,154!)
New or existing users: use code SETHTAX24Reduced 1.75% fee² for income tax payment
(Visa or China Unionpay only)
New or existing users: use code MCTAX24Reduced 1.99% CardUp fee³ for income tax payment
(Mastercard only)

Tap here for guide

Terms and conditions:

  1. Terms and conditions for SETHISFY
  2. Terms and conditions for SETHTAX24
  3. Terms and conditions for MCTAX24


Ongoing promo

Activity Reward
New user: sign up hereGet S$30 off transaction fee

(free miles/cashback for a payment of about S$1,333!)
Existing users: code TAX2024Reduced fee of 1.75% for income tax payment with a VISA card. Code can only be redeemed once

After signing up with the link, an email will be sent to you with the code.

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