Before July Ends: Get $100 for 1.80% pa Savings, $300 for Credit Cards, 1.5% Cashback for Withdrawing Cash

One of the best months for deals, July is ending soon. Don’t miss these deals which would go away in just a few days’ time.

Elastiq – High guaranteed 1.80% pa rate with flexible withdrawals

(Etiqa Insurance is a member of Maybank Group.)

Interest rates are really bad now, so getting 1.80% pa and still maintaining the flexibility of withdrawals is a no-brainer. Even better, get up to $100 in credits you can withdraw as cash. Insane! Do not miss this deal.

  • 1.80% pa guaranteed for 3 years
  • Withdraw from your account without penalty 90 days after policy issue date
  • Get up to $100 cash credits and extra insurance credits when you use R161521 (view terms and sign up here)

Read the full review here.

Total Premiums PaidNon-encashable CreditsTiq Encashable Credits
$5,000 to $9,0000.5% of premium
$10,000 to $25,0000.5% of premium$50
$26,000 to $50,0000.5% of premium$100

Non-encashable credits can be used for Etiqa’s general insurance policies.

$300 for Citi Cards, $200 Cashback for DBS Cards, and Jabra Wireless Earphones for StanChart Cards

A strong month for credit card rewards whether you are a cashback or miles person. Apply for the top 3 most popular cards below, or see for the full range!

Cash Back

New to bank*

Get Apple Watch SE (worth S$419) or S$350 Cash

Until 15th April 2021

Existing customers
$30 via PayNow

Minimum spend of S$200 within 30 days of card approval



  • 5% cashback on contactless/online

New to bank
$250 Cashback
, just make 1 qualifying spend within 30 days, no min. spend!


Until 31st March 2021

soCash – 1.5% cashback on cash withdrawals

Getting cashback while spending money is great. Getting cashback while merely withdrawing money is even better. See this post for full details, or just follow the instructions below:

  1. Download soCash (iOS / Android) and use code SETH0693 for additional $3 (remember to input the code before signing up)
  2. Go to a Sheng Siong outlet and look for the green $TM machine
  3. Withdraw $500 by scanning your QR code

Repeat Step 3 up to the maximum of twice a day and 5 times in a month (chatter on Telegram reveal that the limit has been revised downwards to 4 times or $2,000). It was supposed to continue until the end of next month, but that has since changed.

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