Ask Me Anything About Miles and Cashback!

I asked my Instagram followers to ask me questions about miles and cashback, and here are the questions and my responses:

CitiRewards and DBS Women’s World Mastercard gives 4 mpd for online transactions (capped at $1,000 and $2,000 spend per month). DBS Live Fresh gives 5% cashback (on up to $400 of spending per month).

I prioritise the card that gives me a higher value. To me, 4 mpd is roughly equivalent to 5% cashback, so I would clock the spending on whichever card I have not maximised for the month. With my business expenses I tend to be able to maximise both mile and cashback cards.

UOB One is my go to card right now for cashback. I am not going to bother with anything less than 5% cashback.

I use a fair amount of Grab (food delivery, GrabPay), which UOB One gives an additional 5% cashback for.

A little too many parameters to consider but I imagine it’s hard to beat Bank of China Elite Miles for 3 mpd on overseas spend.

I like the regular promotions that Amex gives but it’s sometimes quite hard to use Amex because many merchants don’t accept it. I don’t use the Citibank SMRT card because its 5% cashback rate are for categories that I don’t spend much on (groceries, fast food, and movies). The DBS VISA Debit Card has been nerfed to 3%.

I don’t really spend that much overseas because I don’t fly very often. Usually use… cash (gasp) when I’m overseas.

It highly depends on your use case, but UOB KrisFlyer should be quite good for most people. If you want to do it hardcore you will need to go for the 4 mpd cards like CitiRewards, DBS Women’s World Mastercard, and OCBC Titanium Rewards, and deal with having multiple pockets of bank points.

I read up on it briefly and I am not really fond of having to invest in crypto just to unlock a higher cashback when I already can get 5% cashback without such requirements on other cards.

With UOB KrisFlyer being a thing I don’t think there’s much use for this card, but it does give free Priority Lounge visits which is nice.

Yes! One of the topics I hope to cover. In the midst of migrating bank accounts so it’s particularly relevant to me right now.

I have the best mile card, tremendous mile card. Unbelievable. Billions and billions and billions of miles.

A cashback card is roughly 3.5 inches in length, so yes, it is. It is, however, less than a mile long.

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