How to Get UOB to Foot up to $300 of Your Bills

How does having someone pay for your bills sound? If you don’t have a UOB card, you may be able to get UOB to pay up to $300 of your utilities and telecommunications bills. Even if you already have other UOB cards, get as much as up to $120 (!) for applying a couple more cards.

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Notable promos at the moment:

How to get $300 of bill rebates

If you don’t have existing UOB cards, be one of the first 50 successful applicants each day from 26th May to 1st June 2020 (both dates inclusive), and your first three transactions with selected merchants would get up to $300 of rebates!

The selected merchants are:

UtilitiesGeneco by Seraya Energy, I Switch Pte Ltd, PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd, Senoko Energy Pte Ltd, Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd, SP Services, SP Digital Pte Ltd
TelcosM1, Singtel, Starhub
DigitalNetflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Viu

For full terms and conditions, click here.

Sign up


New to bank
$150 cash credit (first 200 new cardholders who make a minimum spend of $1,500 within 30 days of card approval)

PRVIMiles (Amex)

New to bank
$150 cash credit (first 200 new cardholders who make a minimum spend of $1,500 within 30 days of card approval)


Familiarise yourself with the sign-up process over at I recommend looking through the instructions, and signing up for a card from another bank to get a feel of how it works.

What if I’m not the first 50?

Even if you aren’t one of the lucky 50, you get $50 if you sign up for UOB One as your first card. Thereafter, apply for the UOB PRVI Miles (Amex) to get $100, and this is also applicable for existing UOB cardholders who don’t already have this card. That’s still a total of $150, and it doesn’t have to be on utilities.

To maximise your sign-up rewards, you should always sign up for the UOB One card first followed by the UOB PRVI Miles (Amex). Doing it the other way round gets you a maximum of $120.

What if I already have a UOB card?

If you don’t have a UOB One card, you get $20 upon successful application.

If you don’t have the Amex variant of the UOB PRVI Miles card, you get $100 upon getting the card and making 5 transactions of any amount.

That’s still $120 on anything you may desire, which is really good for existing cardholders.

What if I’m one of the lucky 50?

The $300 rebate is only for your first three transactions with one of the selected merchants. Spend less than $300 in those three transactions and you won’t maximise this promotion. If your bills can’t reach that amount, my suggestion would be to find merchants that you can prepay your bills on. Singtel, is one such merchant, and you can even use it to top up your Dash to easily bump up your bill size.

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    1. Hi Kevin, no spend required for UOB One.

      PRVI Miles card requires 5 transactions of any amount.

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