Great Deal: Get up to $180 Cash With UOB Savings Accounts!

Want to score some easy cash? Open a new UOB account today and get up to $180 cash! Promo is until the end of 28th October 2021!

Promo details

Please click each link to see the latest promo.

ActivityReward for New UOB AccountholdersReward for Existing UOB AccountholdersReward From
Sign up with link and fill up Singsaver’s form in email$30 via PayNow$30 via PayNowSingsaver
Deposit ≥ $5,000 by 15th of following month and fill up UOB’s form$50 cash creditN/AUOB
Deposit ≥ $100,000 by 15th of following month and fill up UOB’s form$150 cash credit$100 cash creditUOB

Each person is entitled to one reward regardless of the number of accounts opened.

Terms and conditions:

Eligible accounts

Sign up for a new account with one of the links below:

Do note that there is a fall-below fee of S$2 (S$5 for UOB One Account) if the average daily balance falls below S$1,000, and there is an early closure fee of S$30 if account is closed within 6 months.

Important: after account opening, fill up Singsaver’s form in your email to secure your $30 reward. Thereafter, fill up UOB’s form for UOB’s reward.

How long must I maintain the funds for?

For Singsaver’s $30, there is no fund deposit nor maintenance required. For UOB rewards, the funds need to be maintained for a specific time:

RewardReward Credited ByFunds Must Be Maintained Until
$5031st December 202131st October 2021
$10031st December 202116th February 2022
$15031st December 202116th February 2022

The above is an interpretation of UOB’s term and conditions. Please refer to the terms and conditions and/or check with UOB’s customer service for full details.

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