XNAP is “Undergoing Maintenance”, But Are Things Worse?

XNAP has been a very convenient way to pay for hawker food in Singapore with more than half of hawker centres supporting QR payments the last time I looked up the statistics. As such, XNAP is often accepted at many hawker centres, coffeeshops, and even wet market stalls. The app allows you to use credit cards linked to your Apple Pay (for iOS users) or Google Pay (for Android users) to make payment to stall vendors while still allowing you to earn credit card rewards.

Unfortunately, XNAP has been down since Wednesday, and while their site currently shows that XNAP is under maintenance, what I’ve heard from little birdies is that things are a little more serious than just a little bit of downtime. In the meantime, I’ve also compiled a list of alternatives to use while we wait to see what unfolds for XNAP.


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Things may be more dire than a maintenance

A sign that things are worse than the company is presenting it to be is that the XNAP app has been removed from both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play store. While the service has been under maintenance before a few times before this, both apps were not removed from app stores as far as I can remember. The removal seems to signal that things may be more serious than just a normal maintenance.

Based on what I heard from a little birdy, there are some ongoing events which in my opinion may lead to one of two things for users: a protracted inability to use XNAP or worse, the app may no longer be around much longer.

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt as I cannot verify the information which may be entirely unreliable.

Apps to use in the meantime

However things go, life goes on and we still have to eat, so refer to this article which I have just updated on other ways to make payment for food and meals:


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Fingers crossed

I’ve always wondered how XNAP makes any money – we get upwards of 6% cashback or 4 miles per dollar when we pay for our hawker food, but fee-sensitive hawker stall vendors pay almost nothing to collect QR payments. So who exactly is footing the bill for our card rewards? Perhaps it has always been something too good to last forever.

In any case, I hope my info was wrong and XNAP magically goes back into service right after I publish this article. That’s something I hope happens, even if I may look rather foolish for writing this piece. I’ve grown accustomed to getting high credit card rewards for my cai fan and I’m not prepared to give it up!

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