Tips to More Easily Bring Family on Business Class Flights

It has always been a goal of mine to bring my parents on a business class flight for them to experience travel in a more luxurious manner, and I’m glad to say that I recently managed to do that. Here are some tips I found useful in bringing my family on a regional trip in comfort without spending too much money.

Earn more miles

Obviously, earning more miles lets you bring your folks on business class flights more easily without breaking the bank. To that end, I’ve done multiple content pieces on how to do just that:

Promos like the ones below also increase the rate of your miles collection and the best way to keep abreast of such deals is to stay subscribed to get the latest updates.

Use a “Multiplayer Strategy”

If you are bringing family on business class, I’m assuming they are also people you can reliably depend on. In such a scenario, you can consider using them as your 2nd and 3rd “players”. Essentially, you are using them to extend your miles collecting ability beyond your own.

For instance, sign-up bonuses mentioned above are attractive for a single person, but you can double or triple them depending on how many players you have. Getting bonus miles from credit card offers is a sweet thing to have, but getting your parents, spouse, or siblings uninterested in the game of miles to sign up means you can rack up a serious number of miles in a short time.

Also, doing so can allow you to own multiple copies of credit cards that are very useful but come with monthly caps. UOB Lady’s for instance has been a very useful card to have more of. You could have one player on Dining and another on Transportation to enjoy the best of both worlds. Or you could double the monthly cap for Travel in months that you have more holidays.

Citi Rewards + Amaze (thankfully now working fine and dandy) is an extremely easy way of earning 4 miles per dollar nearly anywhere but has a cap of just S$1,000 per month. Get this combo for your family members and you can have a lot more spending capacity for earning miles each month.

Expenses are also something that can be shared across your players for more effective farming of miles. I added my high-earn cards to my parents’ phones so that their spend can help earn me miles. You could also consider supplementary cards so that it is easier to settle up expenses at the end of each month.

It’s definitely a bit more work juggling multiple players, but it comes with the territory of bringing multiple people on something like a business class flight.

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Be flexible in destination and travel dates

Being more flexible in choice of destination and travel dates helps greatly in planning for trips, and it is certainly more important when it comes to bringing multiple people on a redemption business class flight.

I told my parents that we were going to travel some time late in 2023 so that they could make sure their passports were valid and their schedules relatively clear. The moment Spontaneous Escapes was announced for November 2023, I looked through the list, checked availability, and told them we were going to Shanghai. Instead of the usual 86,000 miles per person for a return flight, we spent only 60,200 per head.

Having miles isn’t going to be useful if the routes you want have little to no availability, so it also helps that Spontaneous Escapes is a way for Singapore Airlines to clear out unsold inventory. In my case, it was very easy to book multiple seats. In fact, the entire cabin on the return trip was only occupied by my parents and myself.

Look beyond Singapore Airlines

Aside from looking at just flights from our national carrier, it is also prudent to look at other airlines if you are looking to redeem business class flights for cheap. EVA Air, for instance, requires just 50,000 miles for a business class return trip to Taipei. The same itinerary costs 68,000 miles on Singapore Airlines. It takes 204,000 miles for 3 people to fly with Singapore Airlines in this case while a family of 4 could go to Taipei on just 200,000 miles with EVA Air’s business class.

Expanding your horizons to other airlines also increases your chance of finding available seats. Cards like Citi miles cards and HSBC TravelOne are thus great for this as their points can be transferred to a multitude of airlines giving you more options.

I intend to bring my family abroad again this year, hopefully with an airline that is not Singapore Airlines, so stay subscribed for more content on this.

Farm, farm, farm

Ultimately, having more miles opens up more choices and improves one’s ability to be filial to their parents. Constantly farming miles and having a ear on the ground for promos will help you reach this goal much faster. I do the work in scouring for great deals, so you just need to stay subscribed to keep updated.

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