Review: Dash EasyEarn – Capital Guaranteed, 2.0% p.a. on up to $20,000 of Savings

Update 25/09/2020: the rate for new sign ups has decreased to 1.8% p.a.

Just as bank interests dip, things are getting interesting as more and more products are starting to rival bank deposits by emulating savings accounts. Dash EasyEarn is yet another insurance policy that offers interest-hungry folks a nice, round 2.0% pa guaranteed for the first year.

ProviderSingtel Dash (underwritten by Etiqa)
Min Amount$2,000
Max Amount$20,000
Returns1.50% guaranteed + 0.50% pa for 1st year
TenureNo specific tenure
Other FeaturesDeath Benefit of 105% of Account Value

The minimum to start is $2,000, and you can have up to $20,000 placed here.

There is no lock-in period, and you can also top up the account and make withdrawals just like a savings account allows you to, except top-ups can only be done in multiples of $500, while withdrawals can be done in multiples of $100.

When you withdraw from Dash EasyEarn, you have the option to withdraw it directly to your bank account for a $0.70 charge, or to your Dash wallet for free. Withdrawing to your Dash wallet also means that you would have to spend it via Dash, so take note of the more restrictive use of your funds if you go this route.


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A year of 2.0% pa guaranteed, and other nice things

In return for the slightly more restrictive access to your funds, EasyEarn gives you 2.0% p.a. for the first year. That is pretty decent, and seems to be a middle ground between Singlife’s high but non-guaranteed 2.5% pa rate, and Elastiq’s lower 1.8% pa rate which is guaranteed for 3 years.

Just like its other counterparts, it also provides a little bit of death coverage at 105% of the Account Value, which is a nice bonus compared to traditional bank savings accounts.

Instead of a “hard” fall-below fee which most bank accounts and Elastiq charge when your savings go below a certain amount, EasyEarn gives a “softer” penalty in form of just not according interest. It means that there really isn’t a downside to opening this account since you can maintain virtually nothing in it should more attractive options present themselves.


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Given the lowered interest rate environment we are in, the introduction of such products are much welcomed. Most people would be happy with the slight loss of liquidity for a superior interest rate, especially when you don’t have to do inane things like credit your salary or meet a minimum spending each month to get some returns on your cash savings.

Although, does an extra 0.15% pa justify this over Elastiq? It depends on if you think your cash savings is going to sit idle beyond a year or two, and if interest rates would continue to slide.

The good:

  • Decent 2.0% pa interest rate guaranteed for a year
  • Almost full liquidity
  • No fall-below fee
  • Death benefit of 105%

The bad:

  • Restrictive top up and withdrawal amounts
  • Fee for withdrawing money to bank
  • Interest is fixed for only a year
  • Relatively low amount of $20,000

The ugly:

  • Anything here?

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3 thoughts on “Review: Dash EasyEarn – Capital Guaranteed, 2.0% p.a. on up to $20,000 of Savings

  1. The 1 year duration will be starting from the initial deposit?
    Does the top up amount entitled the 2% interest as well?
    Or only the initial amount entitled?
    If the top up amount is entitled to, says if i were to top up in the 4th month, meaning this top up amount only entitled for remaining 8 months of 2% interest (cause the 1 years is counted from the initial deposit)?

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Yes top-ups are entitled to the same interest, and the 2% is for the first year from start date of the policy.

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