moomoo Q1 2024 Promo: Beat GST With up to S$900 Welcome Offer!

For the first quarter of 2024, moomoo has decided to match the GST hike by increasing their promotional rate of 5.8% p.a. to 6.8% p.a. for Moomoo Cash Plus! With other attractive rewards that you can stack with this 6.8% p.a. rate, the sign-up offers that you can get can be as much as S$900!

Promo Details

New moomoo users can get a plethora of rewards and the best part is that you can stack the requirements to easily get reward.


Until 9.59PM 1st April 2024

31 days 2 hours 52 minutes 38 seconds left to grab this offer!

Register and open account with this linkTo qualify for the below rewards
Deposit ≥S$100 and perform 1 buy trade^Bonus S$20 for using my link (S$2 daily for 10 days)
Subscribe to Moomoo Cash Plus6.8% p.a. return on up to S$60,000 subscription
Deposit ≥S$3,000 and perform 3 buy trades^
Maintain assets for 30 days
Receive 1 x Stock Bundle: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth ~S$70)
Deposit ≥S$10,000 and perform 8 buy trades^
Maintain assets for 90 days
Receive 3 x Stock Bundle#: AAPL, NVDA TSLA, SE, NIO (worth ~S$210)
Deposit S$100,000
Maintain assets for 90 days
Receive 1 × AAPL stock (worth ~S$260)
Stack the rewards: deposit S$100,000, perform 8 buy trades^, and subscribe to Moomoo Cash PlusGet all the above rewards!
For reference only; see full terms and conditions
*Commission-free trading involves other fees
^Buy trades include Moomoo Cash Plus!

Invest in U.S. Stocks, ADRs, and ETFs at S$0* commission forever (SG residents trading in US markets)! Last updated 31st January 2024

Stacking the rewards with easy requirements

If you deposit S$10,000, perform 8 buy trades, and subscribe to Moomoo Cash Plus, you will get Rewards A to D as described above. If you want Reward E as well, deposit S$100,000 instead.

Remember also that the buy trades can be easily achieved with just S$1 and subscriptions into Moomoo Cash Plus is also counted as an eligible buy trade! This makes the requirements really easy to achieve.

In all, you can expect to realistically get S$900 worth of sign-up rewards!

6.8% p.a. guaranteed on S$60,000

The promotional rate of 6.8% p.a. is guaranteed on the first S$60,000 subscribed and this can work out to more than S$340 for a period of 31 days if you placed the full S$60,000. There is, however, no minimum and you can just subscribe a smaller amount if you wish.

For amounts greater than S$60,000, you can still expect to get returns of the underlying cash fund. The returns can vary, but Fullerton SGD fund has been given around 3.7 to 3.8% p.a. returns lately, and that’s about what you can expect with the current interest rate environment.

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