Huat Pals: How to Get BB Loh… or At Least Improve Your Chances

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If you’re not playing Huat Pals, I’m sorry, and please move on. Regular programming will return after this.

If you are, and still looking for that elusive BB Loh, here is what you need to do to increase your chances, and the imperative word is chance.

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Update 14/02/2021: I got six! Check out my Telegram channel for giveaways.

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The strategy

Despite the many, many messages in the Huat Chat pleading and begging for BB Loh, it is nearly impossible for someone to gift you BB Loh. The drop rate for BB Loh is tiny. The game also does not allow you to give away Pals if they’re the only one you have, and anyone in the position to give away a BB Loh needs to collect a second one to do so. That’s an extremely low percentage of the population. Lastly, you need to be one of the many faces in the chat being picked for the gift, if anyone would even give something like that to a total stranger.

Instead, your best bet is to increase the number of random Pals you get from the game. Remember the golden equation: More Random Pals = More Chances to Get BB Loh


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This is done by a few methods:

  1. Completing daily tasks (duh);
  2. Referring people to join, and
  3. Trading Gift Baskets.

Completing the daily tasks (duh), now made easier

It goes without saying that you should complete the daily tasks. You should definitely trade $10 with a friend every day for 3 Pals, and give 8 random strangers your unwanted Pals in the Huat Chat so that you get more random Pals.

Incidentally, things have now improved because Dash and Grab allow you to withdraw balances. You can now use Google Pay to pay $10 each to Dash and Grab, and withdraw the money easily. Free random Pals!


Google has capitalised on the popularity of this game and made it such that referring your friends now give you a better chance of getting BB Loh or Ah Huat.

This is of course pretty difficult to do when so many people already have Google Pay. Also, increased chance obviously does not mean guaranteed chance. Someone signed up through my link, and I got… a Lenny. Damn it Lenny.

Current sign up reward for Google Pay: get S$3 when you use my referral link and make a transaction of at least S$10. This is as of April 2024.

The real strat: Trading Gift Baskets

To increase the number of random Pals you get, the only way on top of the daily tasks would be to claim spots on Gift Baskets. You get a Gift Basket each time you get an Ah Huat from drawing a random Pal, and each Basket has 5 spots to claim.

Your goal here is to find other people to trade Gift Baskets with. Since you have 5 spots in each Basket, you can find 4 other people to trade with. The actual mechanic of sharing Baskets is a bit clumsy: you have to first create a group of at least 2 other people, before you can generate a link for sharing. You can then kick those 2 people out and share the link with people you are trading with. A little cynical here, but be sure to remove those people from your Google Pay groups before they add their own friends to claim your other spots.

I’ve created a much smaller Telegram group to facilitate the trading of gift baskets. It’s not going to be a free-for-all chat like Huat Chat, and it will be made private once a certain number of basket traders are in.

Done efficiently, you should be able to trade each spot of your basket for another basket, meaning to say every Gift Basket you get will net you 5 chances (1 in your own gift basket, and 4 from trading with others).

More Random Pals = More Chances to Get BB Loh

Is it going to be guaranteed? No, you are improving your chances. Someone lucky and favoured by the RNG gods will get his/her BB just doing the bare minimum. You, the one who really wants BB Loh, are going to farm for it.

If you really want BB right, you should chase after it. Yes. I mean like, yusheng you know, then like it wants to get pampered. Yah.


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Update: well well well well guess whose basket strategy paid off:

Pro-tip: DO NOT claim your ang pow immediately

If you do get BB Loh, congrats! DO NOT claim it immediately! Instead, leave it until 25th Feb (one day before 26th, just to be safe) to claim your ang pow. Once you claim your ang pow, your BB Loh will disappear, and if you get another one you can neither claim (because each user is limited to one) nor give it away.

If you leave it until 25th, any extra BB Lohs you get from now till then can be given to others.

Why bother?

In my previous post, I talked about how to play the game in the lowest effort way possible. To me, a random gift of between $8.88 and $88 wasn’t worth the time to play this game really seriously. Trading baskets is going to take time and effort.

However, it is clear to all Huat Pals enthusiasts that this is not about the money any more; it’s all about BB Loh.

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