Huat Pals 2024 Guide: How to Get Souper Long For up to S$88.88 or a Pixel Device!

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It’s Lunar New Year again and that means another round of Huat Pals! It’s Google’s fourth time running this popular game for their Google Pay wallet app, so you need to download the app to play. Read on for a guide on how to collect all the Huat Pals for a scratch card that could win you up to S$88.88 or a Pixel device!

The game lasts from 6th to 18th February 2024, so stay subscribed for more updates as the game evolves throughout the festive season. As usual, I will be giving away extra Souper Long (if I do indeed get extra copies) so join the Telegram for that.

Current sign up reward for Google Pay: get S$3 when you use my referral link and make a transaction of at least S$10. This is as of 5th February 2023.

Tasks and Prizes

To get more Pals to complete the set of 5, you need to do the following:

Task 1Making eligible transactions above $5 to merchantsPay via FavePay QR, PayNow QR (business), or PayNow to UEN1 per day
Task 2Send money an amount above $10 to a friend  Recipient must be a Google Pay user1 per day
Task 3Purchase movie tickets on Google PayMinimum S$51 per day
Task 4Gift a Huat Pal to a friend and receive one bonus Pal per unique friend you giftUse Telegram Group to easily find more people!5 per day
  • A scratch card worth up to $88.88
  • A Pixel 8 Pro (worth up to S$1,549)
  • A Pixel 8 (worth up to S$1,099)
  • A pair of Pixel Buds Pro (worth up to S$299)
  • A pair of Pixel Buds A-Series (worth up to S$149)

The key to winning: get more randomly generated Pals

Every year, there is only one truly rare Pal and the winning piece this year is Souper Long. Each time you get a randomly generated Pal, you have a small chance for it to be Souper Long. The key is hence to get as many randomly generated Pals as possible to increase the odds of it being the rare Pal.


⚠️ Apply for select credit cards at 12PM and 3PM each day until 29th February 2024 for bonus PS5 or S$500 eCapitaVouchers! Fastest fingers first.

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Easiest way to play this game

Task 1A: Making eligible transactions above $5 to merchants via PayNow (easy 1 Pal each day)
This task should be relatively easy and can be completed by making payments to merchants that accept payment via PayNow QR. The PayNow QR must be linked to a UEN (company registration number) so personal PayNow QR codes will not work.

The good news is that you can use Google Pay to make payment to the following such that you don’t actually have to make retail spend:

  • AXS bill payments
  • CPF top-ups
  • YouTrip top-ups (reports this isn’t working)
  • Dash top-ups (use code DASH-OZ9G2
  • ShopeePay top-ups

AXS bill payments are probably my go-to since I can pay off credit card bills. You should definitely do this each day for the free Pal.

Task 1B: Making eligible transactions above $5 to merchants via FavePay (probably difficult)
Making payment via FavePay would be a little tougher since there are far fewer merchants that accept this. My favourite is Subway, although you can also consider buying vouchers via heymax.

Task 2: Send money an amount above $10 to a friend (easy 1 Pal each day)
Sending money to a friend is easy – just arrange a buddy also playing Huat Pals to send each other S$10 every day.

Task 3: Purchase movie tickets on Google Pay (probably difficult)
I guess this is relevant if you’re a big movie buff, but for most people this wouldn’t be a very reliable way to score Pals.

Task 4: Gift a Huat Pal to a friend and receive one bonus Pal per unique friend you gift (easy 5 Pals each day)
For this task, we have our Telegram Group (now 3 years old!) to facilitate the gifting of Pals to unique people. This can be easily done each day, and you can do this up to 5 times daily.

Total: 7 daily pals
If you complete the easy tasks each day for the 13-day period Huat Pals 2024 is running for, you will get 91 randomly generated Pals. That’s 91 chances at getting the rare Souper Long.

Play Huat Match for more Pals

This year, there is also a new mini-game that gives you extra randomly generated Pals.

Called Huat Match, the goal is to match as many items as possible in a game similar to Candy Crush. Score above 450 points to get a Huat Pal.

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