How to Pay For Hospitals/Polyclinics

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Unexpected hospital bills can take a toll on your finances, but there are ways to pay them off and even get some credit card rewards in the process. In this article, we’ll explore the best methods you can use to pay for your hospital bills.

Payment at hospitals

The first way to pay for your hospital bills is to pay at the hospital itself. Hospitals are coded under the merchant category code of 8062, which is excluded by many credit cards. However, there are some cards that still offer rewards for hospital expenses.

Earn RateRemarks
Bank of China Family3% cashbackMax S$25 cashback for hospital category
Min. spend of S$800 per month
Will not work with HealthHub
HSBC AdvanceApply1.5% / 2.5% cashbackMin. spend of S$2,000 for 2.5% cashback
UOB AbsoluteApply
1.7% cashbackUnlimited
Only for hospitals that accept American Express
StanChart Simply CashApply1.5% cashbackUnlimited
Amex KrisFlyer AscendApply1.2 miles per dollarUnlimited
Only for hospitals that accept American Express
StanChart X Card1.2 miles per dollarUnlimited
Amex KrisFlyerApply1.1 miles per dollarUnlimited
Only for hospitals that accept American Express

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Payment via HealthHub

If you are paying a government hospital or polyclinic, you can pay through HealthHub app which is coded MCC 8099. Such an MCC has not been excluded by many credit cards, which mean you can get rewards from a whole bunch of high-earn credit cards on top of the cards listed above.

Notably, you can use Citi SMRT which gives a decent 5% cashback, and the best thing about it would be the lack of monthly cap that many credit cards come with. Users instead get an annual cap of S$600 cashback a year which is good for S$12,000 of spend. If your bill size is larger, you can consider getting family members to sign up for multiple cards since HealthHub allows you to split your transaction into smaller amounts.

DBS Woman’s World also gives its 4 miles per dollar on such payments.

Earn RateRemarks
Citi SMRTApply
5% cashbackMax spend of S$12,000 per year
Min. spend of S$500 per month
Maybank Platinum VisaApply3.33% cashbackMonthly spend of S$300 or S$1,000 for a quarter
UOB OneApply
3.33% cashbackMonthly spend of S$500, S$1,000 or S$2,000 for a quarter
DBS Woman’s World MastercardApply4 miles per dollarMax spend of S$2,000 per month
Citi RewardsApply4 miles per dollarMax spend of S$1,000 per month


Paying through HealthHub seems the way to go since it allows you to use almost any card and get rewards on it. Splitting up your payment into smaller ones to fit into the spend limit of each credit card is also something you can do to maximise your rewards.

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  1. Hi Seth. This no longer works. Tried paying through health hub but it reflects the hospitals mcc on the credit card, which is not mcc 8099

  2. Does paying through health hub works too? I have a $10k bill outstanding still. Would love some cashback to offset the high bill.. thanks thanks !

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