Guide: How to Easily Get Huat Pals on Google Pay – Win Up to $88.88

Notice: this article may be outdated. Refer to the latest Huat Pals Guide for 2022.

Google Pay has launched a Chinese New Year mini-game: Huat Pals. The game mechanics are simple (especially once you have read this post) – complete daily tasks, and earn Huat Pals. Once you collect all five, you win a scratch card that will get you anywhere between $8.88 to $88.88. This will last until 26th February.

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If you somehow don’t have Google Pay yet, sign up first before you can play.

Current sign up reward for Google Pay: get S$3 when you use my referral link and make a transaction of at least S$10. This is as of April 2024.

  1. Pay at least $10 to unique individuals for 1 Pal each (max 3 Pals per day)
  2. Pay at least $10 to unique businesses for 1 Pal each (max 3 Pals per day)
  3. Complete a referral for 1 Pal each (max 3 Pals per day)
  4. Gift Pals to unique individuals (max 8 Pals per day)

Note: As of 5th Feb, the tasks have been changed since the launch on 4th Feb. Payments to individuals and businesses used to require only $1 each

How to play this with as little effort as possible

Task 1 – Relatively low effort
Task 1 is pretty self-explanatory – find 3 friends and pay them $10 each (and get them to pay you back). You can do this with the same 3 friends each day for 3 Pals. How troublesome this is depends… on your friendships.

Task 2 – Low effort, if you are okay with the loss of potential cashback
Task 2 is also pretty simple – you can top up $10 to your Dash or Grab. Other examples given by helpful group chat members are IRAS, YouTrip, CPF etc.

However, you do lose a bit of cashback when you top up Grab with Google Pay, since you can use a card like Amex True Cashback for cashback.

Task 3 – Difficult
Task 3 is probably difficult to achieve now that almost everyone has Google Pay, but you can get a Pal on top of the referral reward you enjoy for referring someone.

Update 09/02/2021: The game is promising higher chances of getting rare Pals BB Loh and Ah Huat if you make referrals.

Task 4 – Relatively low effort; easiest task to do with Huat Chat
Task 4 is where I can help you! Join the Huat Chat Telegram group that I have created, and search for posts tagged with #request. By sending unwanted Pals to 8 unique people, you can get 8 new Pals pretty effortlessly.

Posting your own #request posts do little for yourself but it helps others send their unwanted Pals to clock their daily Gift task. It feels counter-intuitive, but in the world of Huat Pals, and giving is truly more rewarding than receiving.

Game rewards and analysis

This game is pretty similar to McDonald’s Monopoly pieces and Grab’s Zodiac coin. Such games have you collect 50 Monopoly pieces or 12 coins, and make you feel like you’re close because you already have all but one piece.

Obviously, that one piece is the rarest, and the only one that matters. For Huat Pals, the two rare Pals are Ah Huat, and BB Loh. You’re just going to have a few RaRas, an occasional Neo, and lots and lots of Lennys, so this is likely what you will stare at for a bit:

Once you hit the scratch card, there’s also a chance of rolling low and getting something closer to $8.88 rather than $88.88.

There are also gift baskets that pop up randomly, and you can choose 4 other friends to share it with. Google states that you and your friends may get NTUC FairPrice vouchers or scratch cards, but sometimes you also get this:

Damn it, Lenny.

How to get BB Loh (or Ah Huat)… as best as you can

Read this to improve your chances of getting BB Loh


Is it worth playing this? Personally I feel that I will just do the bare minimum to try my luck. There are really easier ways to get some extra bucks: signing up for an extra card or two gets you hundreds of dollars, or tens of dollars even if you’re an existing cardholder. It’s much fuss-free than trying to get BB Loh, if you ask me.

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