Reminder: 1.80% Guaranteed Disappearing After Tonight, Bank Rates Dropping Tomorrow, Gro Capital Ease Finishing Tranche

Some banks’ rate drops are kicking in tomorrow, notably OCBC’s popular 360 Account and StanChart’s Bonus$aver.

Also, today’s your last chance to get 1.80% p.a. guaranteed for the next three years with the flexibility of withdrawing your savings partially or in full after the first 90 days. If interest rates increase in future, you can always withdraw your savings. If they drop further, you’d be glad you signed up for this.

NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease has closed its tranche for offline applications (sold out in slightly more than a day!), but online applications are still live (as of time of writing). It should be closing soon, so if you’re on your fence about it, it’s your last chance to act.

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