Great Savings Deal: Get iPhone 15 Pro or MacBook Air With CIMB Preferred, Plus 3.5% p.a. Interest!

New to CIMB bank accounts and have S$250,000 to set aside? Here is a great promo for you to set aside that sum of money: get an iPhone 15 Pro or MacBook Air absolutely free on top of a 3.5% p.a. interest rate!

Promo details

To qualify for the promo, you have to apply below with your contact details for CIMB to contact you to start a CIMB Preferred relationship. Thereafter, you have to sign up for a StarSaver account as a new CIMB deposit customer and deposit at least S$250,000 of funds within a month of account opening.

The funds have to be maintained for a minimum of 6 months. For doing so, you get a gift option of either:

  • an iPhone 15 Pro 128GB (retailing at S$1,649) or
  • a MacBook Air 256GB 13-inch M2 (worth S$1,599)

Concurrently, CIMB is offering a promotional rate of 3.5% p.a. interest for 6 months on funds deposited into your new StarSaver account. Funds have to be maintained or increased compared to the previous month’s month-end balance to qualify for the 3.5% p.a. rate.

CIMB Preferred

Until 31st January 2024

Apply for CIMB Preferred and fill up SingSaver rewards redemption form in email (reference number is your IC number in full)⚠️ No form, no reward
Open StarSaver account, deposit S$250,000 and maintain the deposit for 6 monthsChoice of Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128GB (worth S$1,649) or an Apple Macbook Air 256GB 13 inch (M2 chip) (worth S$1,599)

3.50% p.a. promotional rate for 6 months

For reference only. Terms and conditions apply:

Total rewards

At 3.5% p.a. for a deposit of S$250,000, you can expect to get about S$4,375 of interest in 6 months. 3.5% p.a. is a relatively decent rate considering there are no salary or spend requirements for this bank account.

If we take the value of the gift to be S$1,500, your annualised returns are roughly 4.75% p.a. This is a great rate especially for a sum of S$250,000.


Do note the following timelines:

Month of Account OpeningDeposit min. S$250,000 AUM in fresh funds
December 2023By 31st January 2024
January 2024By 29th February 2024
February 2024By 31st March 2024

Also, reward fulfilment will take some time:

Month of Fund inVerification PeriodFulfilment Period (after verification)
December 2023By 31st August 2024By 15th October 2024
January 2024By 30th September 2024By 15th November 2024
February 2024By 31st October 2024By 15th December 2024

This probably makes the deal a little less attractive, but I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker since the base interest of 3.5% p.a. is already pretty decent.

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  1. 5.(iii)(b)At the point of reward fulfillment per Clause 9 below, the participant must be
    a CIMB Preferred customer with a minimum AUM of S$250,000 in the Eligible
    Bank Account.
    Doesnt this means need to keep 250k till fulfillment which is around 10 months later.

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