Giveaway: Win a Souper Long and Complete Huat Pals 2024!

Huat Pals 2024 is ending soon – have you gotten your Souper Long yet? If not, I have a couple to give away!

I lucked out this year and got a grand total of 4 Souper Longs just by following my guide! The first one can’t be given away so I have already claimed the prize. I’m giving one to a friend, so that leaves me with 2 of the souper elusive Pal to give away!

Here’s how you can win one to finally complete Huat Pals for 2024 before it ends 18th February 2024 at 11.59PM.


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1st Souper Long: most number of points

The first Souper Long will be given to the first person who can get the most number of points. You can score points by signing up for various apps, credit cards or trading apps listed below.

Of course, you still qualify for the usual sign-up rewards given by the various product providers and there are many good deals highlighted in the table. So even if you don’t win a Souper Long, the gifts can easily be much better than the scratch card you’d get from completing Huat Pals.

Do read through the various terms and conditions when signing up and do your own due diligence whenever you apply for financial products.

TaskPointsInfo to Provide
Fill in the Google Form to participateN/ARefer to form
Have an active subscription to Telegram channel (if you have already subscribed, you just need to fill in the Google Form)1Telegram ID
Sign up for Wallet Apps:
Big Pay
Instarem Amaze
2YouTrip, Big Pay, Kris+: last 4 digits of phone number

Instarem Amaze: full name

heymax: email address
Sign up for Travel Insurance3Product name and time of application
Sign up for Credit Cards:
American Express
5Product name, time of application and reference number
Sign up for Trading App
8Webull, moomoo: last 4 digits of phone number
Sign up for Bank Account
StanChart Bonus$aver
Citi Plus
8Reference number and time of application

You can sign up for multiple things within the same category. If you signed up for Kris+, Instarem Amaze, a DBS credit card and a Citibank credit card, your total score is 14 (2+2+5+5).

Make sure you follow the instructions below.

2nd Souper Long: good old lucky draw

Even if you do not have the most number of points, each point you have will be one lucky draw chance. This means that you could just subscribe to the Telegram channel to participate and sign up for one or two things to boost your chances!


  1. Read through the terms and conditions of product you are signing up for as well as the Info to Provide (see table above)
  2. Complete the application and any follow-up requirements (see below)
  3. Fill in this Google Form before 9.30PM, 18th February 2024
  4. Wait for announcement at around 10.30PM, 18th February 2024

How to complete each task

For wallet apps, use your phone and tap on the links below:

YouTripSign up and make your first top up to get S$5
Big PaySign up and activate the card to get S$5
Instarem AmazeSign up with code iQYZTH and make first transaction for S$2.50
Kris+Sign up with code W159000 and make first transaction for S$5
heymaxSign up to get 500 miles (S$5) and another 500 miles with 3 confirmed transactions and verification of phone number

As it can take some time to complete the requirements, just signing up will qualify you for 2 points each. Be sure to continue to complete the requirements to get the guaranteed rewards given by the wallet apps.

For others, refer below:

Travel Insurance
Credit Cards
Citi Plus
Make sure to complete SingSaver Rewards Redemption Form (found in email)
Make sure to fund the account for welcome rewards


Q: Can you give me a Souper Long?
Win this giveaway!
Q: How did you get so many Souper Longs?
It is a game of luck and I got lucky.
Q: I can’t qualify for credit cards etc!
You can get a family member or friend to sign up to participate. You could also go for wallet apps which are easier to qualify for.

Have fun, good luck, and hope your new year has been good

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