Getting the Most Affordable Travel Insurance

Going for your year-end trips? Here’s how to compare and choose the most affordable travel insurance.

Premium comparison

Below is a widget that allows you to compare across multiple travel insurance providers for the most competitive premiums.

To begin, just enter your travel destination and dates to get a list of policies and premiums (tap here for a larger version):

You can tap the arrow button of each policy to get more details on the coverage as well as the current promo. For instance, expanding on the details of Tiq Travel Entry shows some of its coverage details as well as the current 48% promo:

Tapping Buy Now button also shows you more details about the promotion.

Best deal guaranteed

Extended until 7th January 2024, you can also apply through the links above knowing that you are getting the best deal guaranteed!


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How I would pick policies

Premium amount is of course not the only factor to consider when picking out your travel policy.

Personally, I would start with shortlisting about 2 or 3 policies with the lowest premiums. The widget above curiously doesn’t support sorting by lowest premium – definitely something I have told the team to look into improving – but it is easy enough to pick out the cheapest policies.

After that, I would do a comparison of the features most important to my trip. For instance, if I have booked relatively pricier accommodation with non-refundable deposits, I will look at whether the policy provides an adequate amount of coverage for things like trip cancellations and loss of deposit.

If the destination is a place with less developed medical facilities, emergency medical evacuation becomes higher on my list of priorities. Such a scenario can be very financially costly and not something that is easily self-insurable.

Comparing coverage

To compare the policies, do a search for the policy name and look up their coverage details on their respective websites. Remember to come back to this page to use the Buy Now buttons above to apply so you can get the best promos and pricing.

There are also occasional discussion about travel insurance in the Telegram chat where you can seek out people’s experiences with different insurers. Do a search for “travel insurance”.


Travel insurance can give you greater peace of mind during your holidays, but as with all things insurance, we should reduce our premium outlay as far as possible. The widget is a great place to easily compare across multiple providers for the most affordable policies, and buying them with the links above get you further rewards/discounts.

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