Excellent Deal: Get S$538 + 3.6% p.a. Welcome Offer With Citigold Promo!

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Have S$250,000 lying around? Here’s a great deal that you should be highly interested in: get a 3.6% p.a. time deposit offer + S$538 of sign-up offers when you start a Citigold relationship with the link below and fund at least S$250,000 with a 3-month deposit!

If you wish, you could even replace the promotional rate of 3.6% p.a. with other gift options including an iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB + S$200!

This deal is until 31st March 2024.

Promo Details

The first part is choosing one of the following sign-up gift options from either SingSaver or Citibank:

Either SingSaver OfferOr Citibank Offer
S$1,500 + S$200


iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB) retailing at S$2,017.5 + S$200


iPad Pro 11″ (Cellular, 256GB) retailing at S$1,659.40 + S$200
S$880 sign-up bonus


3.6% p.a. 3-month time deposit


3.2% p.a. 6-month time deposit

You need to be a new Citibank deposits customer (or cancelled your last one more than 13 months ago).

The second part is fulfilled by Citi when you fulfil some conditions:

⭐️ Hold a primary Citi Credit CardS$300 cash rewardEasy
⭐️ Complete an Investment Risk Profile and Fact Find ReportS$238 cash rewardEasy
Take up a Citi Home Loan of at least S$800,000S$500 cash rewardDepends; probably difficult
Make S$100,000 worth of investments/insuranceS$600 cash rewardProbably not advisable
Maintain at least S$250,000 for at least a yearS$960 cash rewardProbably not very good
Terms and conditions

The easy tasks amount to S$538 when you hold a Citi card as well as complete the investment risk profiling and fact finding.

Citigold Premier Banking


New to Citi bank accounts
Choose either SingSaver gifts:

  1. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB (worth S$2,017.50) + S$200 cash!
  2. Apple iPad Pro 11″ Wi-Fi + Cellular 256GB (worth S$1,659.40) + S$200 cash!
  3. S$1,500 cash + S$200 cash!

Whichever you choose, get more rewards from Citibank:

  • Extra S$300 for holding a Citibank credit card
  • Extra $100 for completing Investment Risk Profile and Fact Find Report

Until 30th April 2024

Sign-up Process

  1. Apply with the link
  2. Important: find SingSaver email and fill in redemption form after application; no form no reward
  3. If you prefer Citibank’s offer, inform the Relationship Manager assigned to you and note that you will not be getting the SingSaver promo
  4. Fulfil requirements as stated in terms and conditions

Get personalised wealth management, a dedicated Relationship Manager, and other lifestyle and banking privileges.

Promo analysis

My preference is either to get the iPhone 15 Pro + S$200 or Citibank’s 3-month time deposit giving 3.6% p.a. interest. You can hence expect to get:

  • Estimated S$2,250 of interest from time deposit (3.6% p.a. interest on S$250,000 deposit for 3 months) or iPhone 15 Pro + S$200
  • S$300 from Citibank for holding a Citi Credit Card
  • S$238 from Citibank for completing risk profiling and fact finding

A 3.6% p.a. return for a 3-month fixed deposit is pretty standard in recent times, so getting additional S$538 is icing on cake.

Note that Citibank welcome gifts (credit card + fact finding) are given 3 months after the end of the Welcome Period and you need to hold your funds until rewards are fulfilled. The Welcome Period is defined as the first 3 months including enrolment month, so if you sign up this month, your Welcome Period should be February, March and April. You would hence need to maintain your funds through May, June and July 2024. You should hence start to fund your account before the end of April 2024 rather than earlier.

Remember that this is my interpretation of the terms and conditions and you should definitely refer to the following while signing up. Save a copy for your future reference!

6-month deposit?

You could alternatively go for the 6-month deposit which gives 3.20% p.a. interest. In this case, you can sign up and fund your account immediately since 6 months from now would clear the Welcome Period plus 3 months.

Your time deposit interest will be roughly S$4,000 for a S$250,000 deposit and you will still get the S$538 additional rewards from Citi.

Risk profiling, fact finding and time deposit

Now fair warning, the risk profiling, fact finding and even the time deposit need to be arranged through the wealth advisor that Citibank would assign to you. I’m pretty sure they’d try to direct your S$250,000 somewhere else, so keep your wits about you!


For S$250,000, this is a great deal. Have smaller amounts? Check out the other promos below, and as always remember to stay subscribed for more.

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