Deal: Get Up to $100 and 0.5% of Premium for Signing Up for Elastiq

Thanks Dylan for sharing this referral programme!

Elastiq is a really good plan to put your savings now that bank deposits are meagre and repeatedly getting nerfed.

To sweeten the deal, there is a really attractive offer from now until the end of 31st July.

Total Premiums PaidNon-encashable CreditsTiq Encashable Credits
$5,000 to $9,0000.5% of premium
$10,000 to $25,0000.5% of premium$50
$26,000 to $50,0000.5% of premium$100

Furthermore, use my referral code R161521 and sign up directly at Etiqa’s website. You get additional 0.5% of your first premium in credits that you can use to purchase home, accident, and travel insurance from Etiqa. Placing $50,000? You get $250 for your insurance policy from Etiqa!

This promotion has ended, but do leave a comment with your email (only your nickname is publicly shown) if you are interested in getting this product so I can send you the latest promos.


I intend to do a comparison of Elastiq vs two other recently launched Insurance Savings Accounts. Subscribe to my Telegram to be notified when it is posted!

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2 thoughts on “Deal: Get Up to $100 and 0.5% of Premium for Signing Up for Elastiq

  1. Views and analysis remain solely that of – Really? You asked me about this promotion and then steal the content for your website without credit. Lol

    1. Hi Dylan, yes indeed I learnt about the promotion from you and shared it with my readers. I don’t think a referral programme is proprietary information that belongs to anyone. Nevertheless, I have included a line to credit you. Thanks for the info.

      Views and analysis of promos, products or referral programmes still remain mine.

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