Dash EasyEarn Reduces Interest for New Sign Ups

Thanks to Z S from the Telegram group chat for pointing this out

In a continuing trend of falling interest rates, the rate of Dash EasyEarn has been decreased from 2.0% p.a. for the first year to 1.8% p.a. for new sign ups as of today (25th September).

Existing policyowners are not affected since the interest rate is guaranteed for the first year. Regardless, Dash EasyEarn is a relatively new product so it is surprising to me that a cut has come this soon.

This follows Elastiq, also from Etiqa like Dash EasyEarn, being withdrawn. eSave Advance continues to be available until the end of this month, and is a safeguard against the continually falling rates we have been witnessing because it guarantees a 1.80% rate for three years while still allowing for withdrawals.

Singlife Account continues to give a handsome 2.5% p.a., but it’s perhaps inevitable that a drop would come. Let’s hope that happens later rather than sooner.

Etiqa also has Gigantiq which is very similar to Dash EasyEarn, and at present still gives the 2.0% p.a. rate it launched with. I have been in touch with someone from Etiqa for a referral incentive programme, and they are working on something, although it is currently unclear what the specifics are.

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